running for the border, or, how to get across Europe during the worst airline shutdown since WWII

Sooooooo…I’m in Prague at the moment, the largest city in the Czech Republic, and home to one of the dozens of airports in Europe shut down due to Iceland’s giant plume of ash. At the moment, there are three truths I have to contend with.

1. I have a flight to Amsterdam tomorrow that will not fly.
2. Amsterdam is close to the Hook of Holland to Harwich ferry, which will bring me back to the UK.
3. I (maybe) have a flight from London Heathrow back to the States (via Toronto) on the 27th.

My goal, then, is to get across Europe and back to the UK before my flight leaves. This is what brings me to Hlavní Nádraží; the giant European coach and rail networks are my key to making it back in time. I’ll be making for Amsterdam, with the intention of getting a sailing across the North Sea to England. If I can’t get there immediately, my second choice is Frankfurt, where the huge interchange of Euro coaches and packed German trains might yield some results. Stay tuned.


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