operation patrick duffy

I’ve been a slacker lately. It might be the university thing (you know, the study part of ‘study abroad’), or the large quantities of Strongbow we’ve been through in the last 4 months, or the ever-present lack of sleep. Maybe all of the above.

Term is over. There will be articles coming detailing my many adventures in London, but for now, the focus lies ahead; to mainland Europe. In the coming two and a half weeks, I’ll be in six countries, six different cities. I’ll be documenting the whole thing, bringing it here for all of my three readers to squeal at.

This little diversion will henceforth be known as operation patrick duffy. That is all.


One thought on “operation patrick duffy

  1. Samantha 18 August 2010 / 9.00 pm

    I’m so happy I landed on your blog by accident! I just recently got back from Europe and visited almost all the places you wrote about! It was fun reading your experiences and seeing your beautiful photographs! It also makes me grateful I was stranded in Spain on a beach for an extra week during the Iceland Volcano Incident instead of camped out in a busy train station or airport! Thanks for sharing!

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