onward and upward

I know I’ve been slacking quite badly lately with the update of this blog, but that’s about to change. I’m currently on the first leg of my biggest trip yet: four months, mostly in London. Also on the list: Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, and wherever else we think we can get to.

This idea was a long time coming. I’d always wanted to do some study abroad before I left university, but hadn’t looked seriously at it until the beginning of this semester. After a good deal of research and many hours of wonderful number crunching, I made the decision to apply for a 3-and-a-half month long semester in London. Chosen for its proximity to the rest of Europe and my general want to experience the city, London seems like a good plan. After my program ends in mid April (it seems so long from now), I’ll be traipsing about the rest of Europe for a few weeks until either:

a) I run out of money
b) I fly home on the day my tickets are for in late April

I give it split odds.

Anyway, there will be updates with stories and photos from the US and Canada, since I’ve still got a large backlog to clear, but watch this space for tales of lunacy in Europe.

Stay classy!


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